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About Us

Welcome to Faith Referrals. 

We are a referral only veterinary pain management, rehabilitation, anaesthetics, palliative care and physiotherapy service located in South Wales.


Our Lovely Patients

What Our Clients Say

"Can't fault this, absolutely excellent service!"

"Thank you Dr. Smithers and team!"

If you, or your vet, thinks your pet is in pain get referred to Dr. Smithers to find out exactly what is going on.
Bear had a limp and our local vets couldn't work out what was causing it. I asked to be referred to Dr. Smithers and within one session knew what was causing it and had a treatment plan. He even had acupuncture. I was also given loads of ways to help him at home. I was surprised how still he was during his acupuncture, which Dr. Smithers said is very common, patients often relax and sometimes sleep during it.
Dr. Smithers amount of knowledge is incredible, a real expert in her field! She was great with Bear, I felt like she listened to him and he enjoyed seeing her. The service is excellent value for money, you can tell Dr. Smithers cares and I have full trust she will do the best for Bear.

Vanessa Ward

"Would highly recommend to anyone who has a dog suffering with chronic pain"

My three year old French bulldog, Walter, has had intermittent back pain since he was about 15 months old. Over the last few months the attacks have gotten worse and more prolonged. I was concerned as he was quite young about the amount of pain medication he required to keep him comfortable. My vet told me about Faith Referrals and I asked for him to be referred immediately. He has been seeing Katie and Manessa since January and the difference in Walter is unbelievable. Walter loves his physiotherapy sessions, they have not only helped with his back problems enormously but also help to stimulate his mind when I have to lessen his exercise. I have been taught exercises to do at home with him which he thoroughly enjoys and the best part being I have been able to lessen his pain meds. I cannot thank Faith referrals enough for everything they have done and do for Walter and would highly recommend them to anyone who has a dog suffering with chronic pain.

Tina Crichton


My dog Misha was referred to Dr Smithers (Katie) after we spent over a year struggling with Misha's mobility and back pain. 

Misha was 13 years old at the time and we were constantly told "that's just the way old dogs are". Misha was unable to enjoy a walk after around 10 minutes due to limping and pain. When stroking her back it would twitch and cause her pain. We kept pushing and finally got a referral to Dr Katie.
I was immediately put at ease after Katie performed a single examination. She listened to what I had to say and noticed several issues with Misha. She advised that with the use of acupuncture and medicine we had a chance of easing her pain and making her more comfortable.
I think Katie wanted to manage our expectations but I could tell she was quite confident in her abilities.
After acupuncture sessions and a monthly injection I'm happy to report that Misha is a brand new dog. Her back pain has completely gone and she's walking better than ever. We used to have a step below our bed so she could get up easier. Several months in she jumps from the floor onto the bed with ease.
It has brought me no end of pleasure having Misha back to how she was. I would have paid anything to have this and to be honest the costs are quite reasonable.

Adam Massey

“We feel so much more optimistic

We have always struggled with our GSD Benji and his reactivity. This has always made vet appointments or any appointments very difficult. Benji has bilateral hip dysplasia so we sought the advice of Dr Katie Smithers & it has made such a huge difference. We were able to do the appointment in a way that Benji was comfortable and relaxed. She changed his medication and set us on a different route with his pain management. I believe it has had a very positive effect on his pain & he is more playful, and all in all a happier dog! Dr Katie is extremely knowledgeable and explained everything to us. I would 100% recommend her to anyone & we are extremely pleased with our experience.

Courtney Evans

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