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Scientific research shows acupuncture can improve recovery rates and increase resistance to disease. It affects the endogenous opioid response and regulation of the autonomic nervous system.


Acupuncture treatment should always follow an accurate diagnosis of the problem and a full appraisal of all treatment options. In many cases acupuncture is best used in conjunction with conventional medicine however, in some situations, it can be used as a sole treatment.


Adding acupuncture to a treatment plan can help to reduce the patient’s requirements for pharmacological intervention which may have side effects.

Most importantly, acupuncture is extremely safe when practiced correctly and is well accepted by the majority of our companion animal patients.


Pain is one of the most common conditions treated with acupuncture. It can be used alongside medications or as a sole treatment in some cases. Acupuncture is also a really valuable option for those pets that may be limited in medical options due to concurrent disease processes for example patients with renal disease. 


Acupuncture can be a very useful tool in the rehabilitation of patients following surgery, particularly those affecting mobility such as orthopaedic and neurological disease. Acupuncture can also be applied to a multitude of medical conditions in our veterinary patients. 

Dr Katie Smithers is a member of the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists, and is proud to offer acupuncture to our veterinary patients. 

Please enquire for further information on specific case management. 

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