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Referring Veterinary Surgeon Information


Cases that may benefit from referral 

•   Anaesthetic planning 

o    Loco-regional analgesia 

o    Comorbidities (cardiac/ hepatic/ renal/ pulmonary/ chronic or maladaptive pain etc) 

o    Constant rate infusions 

•    Back/neck pain 

o    Pre/post operative IVDD

o    Spinal lesion

o    Fibrocartilage Embolism 

o    Conservative Management IVVD (Grade 1-3)

o    Post trauma 

o    OA

o    Lumbosacral disease

•    Peripheral limb pain

o    Elbow dysplasia 

o    Hip dysplasia 

o    Post trauma 

o    Cranial cruciate ligament conservative management 

o    Post operative  rehabilitation (TPLO, TTA, arthrodesis, TTT, sulcoplasty)

o    Soft tissue injury

o    Osteoarthritis

o    Fractures

•    Neurological cases

o    Vestibular disease

o    Neuropathy


•    Prehabilitation 

o    TPLO

o    TTA

o    Arthrodesis

o    TTT

o    Sulcoplasty

•   Visceral pain 

o    Urinary tract disease

o    Gastrointestinal conditions 

o    Cardiac/ thoracic conditions 

•   Oral Pain 

•   Behavioural cases

•    Palliative care

o    Malignancy


•   Obesity management 

Please note: This list is not exhaustive, please contact the clinic with queries related to specific case management 

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